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USERNAME: This is given in your acceptance letter and then followed by: So if my username in my acceptance letter shows "JC584898", I would use  to log into my HSU student email.

PASSWORD: MMDDSSSSH$u  where "MM" is your two digit birth month, "DD" is your two digit birth day, "SSSS" is your last four of your social security number, followed by "H$u" You do not have to change your password from this default.


Use this link to connect:


iPhone - Click Here for inststructions to set up student email on your iPhone

Android - Click Here for instructions to set up student email on your Android


HSU StudentsCLICK HERE for instructions on how to get a new password sent to their HSU email. 
HSU Faculty and Staff: CLICK HERE to go the HSU Password Management website to manage all of their HSU passwords (except for SKYLITE passwords.)

If you are a student currently taking classes you can access the site to register, see your classes, view financial aid, and check your account balance.  

Use your Henderson assigned username to log in. Your default password is the first 4 digits of your birthday combined with the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.(If no SSN use 0000)  For example, if your birthday is on January 5, and your SSN is 123-45-6789, your password will be 01056789. If you have forgotten a password you have created, call the HelpDesk at 870-230-5678 or email

To find your username, check your Acceptance Letter from Admissions for your User ID. If you cannot find your Acceptance Letter or it does not have your User ID, please call the Henderson HelpDesk at 870-230-5678 or email for assistance getting your username. Keep in mind that this is your username for everything on campus except your email.  Your email username is your entire email address (your HSU username with attached to the end).  
All Henderson students can request help to log in by calling the Henderson Helpdesk at Office 222 in FOSTER HALL, (870)230-5678, or emailing

Don't let unpaid charges keep you from your education and career goals. If you have an outstanding balance, let us work with you on a plan to pay it by July 31 so that you can begin the Fall 2017 semester without the weight of a previous balance. If you cannot pay the balance by July 31, we will need to consider whether you can afford the cost of an additional semester and work with you to identify a path forward.

If you are currently employed by Henderson State, you can access the myHenderson site to access handbooks, documents and forms, technology instructions, and your employment and benefit information.
Log in with your normal network username and the password you created. If you have forgotten your password click here to reset it or call the Helpdesk at (870)230-5678.